Thank You. You know who you are.

Thank you so much to all the nice people who downloaded copies of my digital novel My Year in the Barrel this past weekend. If you haven't downloaded it yet, better hurry before runs out of digits. I hope that most of you will read and enjoy the book and that the rest of you will "kinda like it." And I hope that you now want to read Jordan's Fall. And that you recommend them both to everyone you know. And that you will feverishly anticipate the publication of my next novel Eaters.

 I'm doing the next-to-the-last edit of Eaters--that's my top priority project. Next I have a shortstory to finish (titled "Warmest Regards, J") but that shouldn't take too long. Then my fourth novel, a thriller, is in the research phase. I had a title idea for it but I didn't write it down and I can't remember it, so the working title is Murphy. I have a few other concepts floating around but they'll have to wait 'til I clear a few other projects off my desktop.

So until next time: good (your time of day here) and thank you for inviting me into your data stream.


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