Free Day

Tomorrow is a big day. Starting at 12:00am and running until 11:59pm, downloads of my novel My Year in the Barrel are free on That means that potentially several people will discover the joy of reading over 50,000 of my words all in one place!

As the late, great Douglas Adams once told me:  "How did you get this number? Don't bloody call here again!" by which I think he meant that an author's work is in and of itself a gift of love to the reader with nothing more required. Just as we understand that when a cat leaves a small dead rodent on our doorstep it is intended as a message of love, we can only wish that it had been understood that when I left that large dead rodent on an old girlfriend's doorstep it was a message of love, not a threatening gesture requiring all those damn police police cars, a night in jail and that restraining order. But I digress.

I think what I'm trying to say is that I hope that, given the opportunity to post a review of the large dead rodent that is My Year in the Barrel, my readers will remember that it is intended as a message of love, not as the international threat that the Department of Homeland Security seems to think it is.

Thank you and have a nice day.


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