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There and Back Again. . . or Not.

Life has been throwing a lot of changes at my wife and me the last few years. First, my job cut me back to part time and then eventually laid me off. I made a valiant effort to find a new job--a new career, really, since the printing industry, my home for over thirty years, was vanishing into the mists of time. While training and traveling in a new line of work, I began to have symptoms that led to the discovery of an encyclopedia of health problems.

Between the medical bills and reduced income, we were forced to take a long hard look at life and decide what we wanted to do with what was left of ours.

In the end, we decided we wanted to get away, simplify life, lose the drama and enjoy the simple things we loved.

The first step was to liquidate what assets we had left, remodel and sell our house and find our perfect home. While the contractors were busy creating sawdust, we began our search.

Our goal was simple: find a quiet place with lots of shade and room to relax. A view would be …

Long Time, No Me

It's been a couple of years since my last update, but I have a really good excuse: my dog ate my password. Okay, not so good. The truth is I've been getting to know lots of doctors and spending lots of time in hospital beds. Perhaps in some future post I will explain what that was all about, but for now, I want to try to get back in the saddle and start a new saga.
Before I move on to my next post, I am proud to announce the release of the long-awaited sequel to Eaters--Eaters Too, now available as a Kindle e-book on

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