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Just a Quick Note

For those of you who missed it in previous posts, my new novel Serving Murphy is now available as an ebook at I'm proving the link below.

Those of you on the east coast will want to hurry and download it now, so you'll have something to read while the power is off. I hope you come through the storm without a scratch, whether you buy my book or not.

--Stephen P.

In Service of....

Life is what happens while you're neglecting your blog.

The Kendle edition of my new novel, Serving Murphy, is now available on It's a dystopian-futuristic suspensish story about a guy who has a kind of dull life serving warrants, until things start to fall apart and it gets complicated. You can "look inside" or download a sample for free. Also, on the subject of my novels, Eaters will be free to download Sunday and Monday, October 21, 22, 2012, so get your copy and read it. Eaters II will be out in a couple of months.

Like most of you (big assumption there), I'm looking forward to the season premier of Southland, coming soon. Michael Cudlitz does a fine job of anchoring the cast and C. Thomas Howell plays the biggest jerk I've ever seen anywhere. The show makes me want to stay the hell out of south LA, but it's entertaining to visit there every week. I'd be sad that Lucy Liu is off the show, except that she is Dr. Watson on the new series…