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American Gothic

I think America is in trouble. We seem so distant. We don't talk anymore. Things are getting really tense. It seems like we argue all the time and we fight about things that didn't used to matter. The top one percent in this country, the wealthy and the corporations, are acting like an unfaithful husband getting ready for a divorce, moving money out of joint accounts, hiding income, transferring assets and taking way too long driving the babysitter home.      The rest of us Americans are all like "but we've tried so hard to make this work" and the one percent are like "well maybe if you'd been a little sexier, hadn't had so many unions and taxes--maybe if you'd been more like Ireland." And we're all like "well maybe if Ireland had been up all night with a sick baby!" Then One Percent says "It doesn't matter. I'm taking the house. You can have the kids, but good luck even trying to collect child support!" An…