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Life is what happens while you're neglecting your blog.

The Kendle edition of my new novel, Serving Murphy, is now available on It's a dystopian-futuristic suspensish story about a guy who has a kind of dull life serving warrants, until things start to fall apart and it gets complicated. You can "look inside" or download a sample for free. Also, on the subject of my novels, Eaters will be free to download Sunday and Monday, October 21, 22, 2012, so get your copy and read it. Eaters II will be out in a couple of months.

Like most of you (big assumption there), I'm looking forward to the season premier of Southland, coming soon. Michael Cudlitz does a fine job of anchoring the cast and C. Thomas Howell plays the biggest jerk I've ever seen anywhere. The show makes me want to stay the hell out of south LA, but it's entertaining to visit there every week. I'd be sad that Lucy Liu is off the show, except that she is Dr. Watson on the new series Elementary, which is actually pretty good. Johnny Lee Miller plays Sherlock Holmes (you Dexter fans may remember Miller from the Lumen story-line). Elementary is basically Perception with less attractive cast members, but still a good show if you're into the homicide consultant genre, which I seem to be: Perception, The Mentalist, Psyche.

And speaking of Dexter, he's back. We're two or three episodes into the new season and things have gotten complicated for America's favorite serial killer. Actually, the TV storyline has finally caught up to the first novel (if you haven't read the novels, I highly recommend them. I've bought the last three on the day they came out in hardback and I've never bought first edition of anything before). This is the next-to-last season of Dexter, so I hope Jeff Lindsay, the creator, has many years of writing left in him. The novels are kind of a hoot, in the recent tradition of Florida writers like Tim Dorsey, Dave Barry and Carl Hiaasen.

What else am I watching? you ask (no, you didn't, but I'll tell you anyway). CSI:Crimescene is back for an umpteenth season. Ted Danson is surprisingly good in his role as the lead criminalist. The new cast members Elisabeth Shue and Elisabeth Harnois have done a good job of filling the voids left by Marg Helgenberger and Gary Dourdan.

Criminal Minds is also back and going strong in spite of several cast changes over the years. I'm still watching CSI: New York, because there is really nothing else on Friday nights (unless you like the big family sagas like Blue Bloods, which I really don't). Hawaii Five-O is back and seems a little less hokey, which might just be me, but Christine Lahti, as Steve McGarrett's mother, brings some good acting and an intriguing twist to the storyline.

Covert Affairs is another show I'm watching. Piper Perabo plays a young CIA operative and Christopher Gorham plays her sightless handler in a clear case of the blind leading the blond. If the real CIA is run anything like this one, I fear for our country. I think the only reason I continue to watch the show is because the entire cast is so darn good looking.

And, of course, Bones is back. Temperance Brennan's inability to develop human emotions is getting a little annoying after all these years, but I like the characters and the storylines are good and they have what are probably the best gross-out props in all of television, so I keep watching.

I'm currently taking a college course in medical terminology online, a good thing for a writer who kills lots of fictional people, and I need to get back to it. Until next time, ad astra!

--Stephen P.


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