G'Bye Now

    Only a few days left until the rapture. May 21, 2011 is the day. That's this Saturday. While all the best of the best Christians are ascending to heaven this weekend, I'll be hauling compost for my backyard garden. Okay, side yard. See, it's the lying. That's why I won't be going, 'cause occasionally I indulge in fibs and free compost. It's not that I'm not a Christian, I'm just not a good, self-righteous, mega-church-going, right-wing Christian, so I'm doomed to be left behind. It will be interesting to see who else is left behind with me. I'm pretty sure anyone who reads this will be around to read the next one.
    In case you haven't been keeping up, this all stems from some radio evangelist who claims to have done the research and the math and determined that Saturday's the big day. I don't really care enough to look up the name of the preacher or his organization of RV driving doom announcers, but these people are so convinced the end is near that they've quit their jobs, sold their worldly possessions and hit the road to pass out leaflets until they get the call.
    Me, I'm hauling compost.
--Stephen P.


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