It's Been Awhile

Sorry, it's been a long time since my last post. I've been overwhelmingly busy starting and ending a new career and finishing my latest novel.

I won't even go into the career, but I spent months taking classes and getting licensed before finding it just wasn't for me. The novel, on the other hand, I've likely referred to in previous blogs as Murphy, Sean Murphy and Serving Murphy. The current title and most likely for the novel to be published under is The Last Alias. I will wait a few weeks before rereading it and doing final revisions and rewrites. After that I will publish it on

My next novel, Eaters II, is already in the works and will likely be finished sometime next spring.

In my last post, I promised to comment on all the television shows on my viewing list for the summer season. So much for that. If you've been paying attention, you probably know that most summer shows have already had their season finales, so I'll just provide a of list of what was good enough to end up on my DVR.

The final six episodes of The Closer were worth watching and led to the beginning of the "new" series Major Crimes. Major Crimes looks to be pretty good, so I've already set it to record.

Longmire proved to be a surprisingly good show. I'm looking forward to its return, whenever that may be.

Nurse Jackie. Edie Falco is always good.

Weeds. You know you watch it.

Glades. Another good series that barely gets going before the season ends.

Leverage, back again. I have no idea how their schedule works. It just pops up for a few weeks and then disappears again. Very intertaining. A sort of A Team type storyline.

Perception. If you haven't checked this out, try it, you might like it. It's just another twist on the whole Psych, Mentalist, Lie To Me kind of thing, but it's still good.

Covert Affairs. It's the story of a rooky CIA spook who basically fumbles her way through world-threatening situations and comes out smelling like begonias. Not sure why I can't stop watching it, but there you are.

Rizzoli & Isles. A fun cop drama that stoops to the usual gimmick of the super villain who targets the cop repeatedly over time. In fact, the show is only in its second year, I believe, and we've already had four super villains and the cops are more likely to be the victims of kidnappings and such than the entire rest of the population of Boston. Entertaining, though.

Warehouse 13 is back. This is the only reason to have the SyFy channel.

White Collar is a kind of twist on an old show from the 60's called It Takes A Thief. Good fun and drama together. I'm starting to realize that most of my list falls into the guilty pleasure category.

Burn Notice. Bruce Campbell co-stars. That should be enough to convince you. If you don't know who Bruce Campbell is, you probably never watched Xena, Brisco County, Jr., Hercules, or any reasonably good B movies of the past twenty years. He even starred in a movie called My Name Is Bruce.

Well, that's enough to annoy you for a few weeks. I promise to try to post more often and with something more relevant. Until then, I'll be looking for a day job and working on my next book.


Stephen P.


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